March 09, 2008

My life in the USA and Thank you Friends

I guess you could say, time flies. I came to this country in May of 2006 and it passed very quickly. It has been a great learning experience. Lots of adjustments, lots of new subjects, topics and ideas to digest, but it has all be WONDERFUL.

I have been blessed to be showered with the love of so many of my friends from around the world. It truly is because of their love that gives me strength to go through my life in a new country.

You see it is hard being a speaker, writer, and a journalist in your own country yet not being able to communicate the basic needs in another country. I guess, Michael Ledeen said it perfectly as he was presenting me with the Annie Taylor Journalism award, where he said, Amir Abbas now is going through a different torture, which is learning English.

That has been a challenge, because communication has always been the area of my strength and it was difficult to start from scratch. Thank God, attending classes, speaking with my friends, and being forced to give speeches in English have all helped me to learn English faster. But, I still have a looooooong way to go.

With this post, I like to express a lot of appreciation to my friends. Cina Dabestani and his wonderful family has been so kind to me. They offered me their house when I moved to the US and Cina has traveled with me for one year to be my translator. Thank you Cina and may God Bless you.

Ali Salehi, the Vice President of Iranian Freedom Institute has been like an older brother. He has always been there with his gracious smile and supported our team. He recently became a US citizen so congradulations to you and Ali please know that without your help I couldn't have done it.

Ali Gandji, another board member of Iranian Freedom Institue. He has always been there and supported me in every step of the way. Thank you Ali, and thank you for believing in me.
Hassan Zarandazchi is my wonderful friend and another board member. If you want to know what unconditional love means, you have to hang out with Hassan. He is truly an example of real patriot and source of unconditional love.

There are so many of my friends and family that I can't possibly name them but you all know how much I love you all and care for everyone of you. My special thanks to the members of Confedertion of Iranian Students around the world who all work volunteer with one goal and that is to free Iran.

As I am thanking everyone, I wished my father was alive so he could see that I made it. My father was my world. He was my teacher, my hero, and was the guy who suffered more than a political prisoner because he witnessed all the tough times as I was in jail and then he had to go home and listen to my mother cry. I wished, I could hold my father and tell him man thank you for everything. I am sure he is listening to me...
Anyways, as you see there are a lot of emotions going on. Welcome to my weblog, and consider it as an arena to exchange ideas.

Lots of love to all my friends and family.


somaye said...

Dear amir,

I'm proud of u as an Iranian And I have to send my warmest congrats to you; your family and Iranian society that have someone like you... As you know ,The culture , history and the great name of Iran are being reminisced less, day by day ,we need not only you , but many of you to raise the voice of Iranian people , for a better future .
I love your new blog . Thanks for sharing your talent with us

Nazanin said...

My dear and lovely friend Amir
I just see your blog now and enjoy it so much.beacouse i didn't know your real friends.
Lots of love to you and your friends who always support and help you for having a free iran
wish you all success
god bless you all

Nazanin @};-

immanuel said...

God bless you!
I wish that all of those who love Iran and really want to make a change for good in our destiny and put an end to the Iran's dark ages find each other and do our best to make the real change, to what we have and we must be proud,,,and that's our beloved motherland,IRAN.

sheyda said...

U are such a hero to all Iranians who want freedom and democracy for Iran...
God bless U,


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