December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays

Thomas Jefferson believed that a free government relies on enlightened citizens.

Hope in 2009 more people and more countries around the world will have access to knowledge, education, and free press.

"Knowledge is power. Knowledge is happiness."

Wishing all my friends around the world a holiday season filled with joy and peace.

I also hope that Iranians will soon enjoy a free, secular, and democratic Iran.

Happy Holidays!!!!


Melody said...

Happy Holidays too my dearest!

Somayeh said...

Somayeh said...

Happy Holidays dear Amir!

I wish you a blessed New Year with everything you need, excellent health and happiness as large as Iran.
These days I remember Scrooge..(همون اسکروچ کارتونی)tight-fisted hand Scrooge!
Do you remember?

N said...

کریسمس مبارک .. یک دنیا دوستت دارم و برات آرزوی شادی دارم. عزیزم.

melody said...

May every day of the new year glows with good cheer & happiness of you and your family.
Happy New Year My Dearest!

Anonymous said...

موفق باشید آقای فخرآور عزیز

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