June 28, 2009

In solidarity with the Iranian people

On behalf of Confederation of Iranian Students, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy for those who have lost their lives during the protest following the announcement of the Iranian election results.

These brave extraordinary citizens of Iran are fighting for their basic rights to be able to practice democratic values.

Our hearts go to Neda's family who has become the face and the symbol of the current movement in Iran and so many other young Iranians who have either lost their lives or are spending time in prison.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The world is standing behind you brave Iranian people.

For a free and prosperous Iran.

Long Live Iran.

Amir Abbas Fakhravar


Melody said...
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Melody said...
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mehran said...

mohem nist iran zendegi konim ya na mohem ine ke har ja hastim babake khoramdin ,keveh ahangar va.....
farmoosh nakonim

jaff sassani said...


The only way to get Iranian people true freedom and independent they have to form an Economic Union with independent for each sub-nation within Aryan and Turk nations in the proposed Economic Union.

The people from Pakistan to Turkey and from Kurdistan to former Soviet Union countries (part of the old country of the Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great country) should ask USA, Israel and EU to help them out for achieving such an Economic Union.

The US Governments should treat Iranian people (meaning the people within that geographical area above not only the citizen of current Iran) equal to people in EU.

We at the Jaff Sassani organizations asking the US Governments and EU to stop old policy in favor of new policy to treat our people equal to EU people.

Scholar Hamma Mirwaisi proved that the Aryan language by Emperor Darius the Great could be used for the proposed Economic Union and let the people to keep regional dialect like Kurds, Persian and other branches of Aryan language. And use the Aryan language as official Economic Union language.

Please read the finding of scholar Hamma Mirwaisi in the link below:




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