January 22, 2010

CIS’s Vision of the New Secular and Democratic Iranian Government

The Confederation of Iranian Students has a clear stance toward the Islamic Republic. We do not recognize the Islamic Republic as a legitimate government. Seventy million Iranians have been taken hostage by a small group of theocrats. We urge the international community to support the Green Movement inside Iran.

The Confederation of Iranian Students is committed to following a path – a Green Path – to a new free, secular and democratic government of Iran whereby……

There are no supreme leaders, only elected leaders held accountable to the Iranian people who cast their ballots for their representatives in free, fair and open elections.

A new constitution enshrines the principles of freedom and liberty for all Iranian citizens and creates a republican government serving the interests of the Iranian people.

Iran celebrates and commemorates its rich history, heritage and diversity and rejects all ideologies intolerant of the universal rights of its citizens.

Iran takes its rightful place as a responsible, principled and cooperative member of the international community adhering faithfully to the United Nations Charter, and all other obligations under international treaties and agreements it has entered into. In this context:

Iran renounces the pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability; complies scrupulously with its obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and associated IAEA Safeguards Agreements; verifiably dismantles facilities not in full compliance with its NPT obligations; and promotes strengthening the NPT to ensure that weapons proliferation activities are not pursued under the pretext of peaceful nuclear energy development.

No terrorist organization, including Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas, or its members shall find sanctuary in or receive support from Iran. Iran wholly rejects the provision of material support to any movement in or outside the Middle East that employs violence against civilian populations to achieve its objectives. Iran supports all efforts by the international community for achieving peace in the Middle East.


Melody said...
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Anonymous said...

hey, can you help me with translate of the song called "Allah u Akbar Khamenai Rehbar"? It's a great song, but I can't understand a word. It's here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7VIFEE_19Y&feature=related

I'm especially interested in part from 5:31 to 6:10.


Anonymous said...

u speak farsi?

Melody said...
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